M.A.A.R.S. Moon Bounce

Benjamin POTHIER (Planetary Collegium) in collaboration with Daniela de Paulis & HERVE Production (ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis), University of Amsterdam, Dwingeloo radio telescope , Netherlands)






M.A.A.R.S : Mars Atacama Analog Research and Simulation.

In february 2017 a team of 7 people including Astronauts Candidates will explore the Mars Curiosity test site in the Atacama Desert, an environment similar to Mars or the Moon. The expedition will be Leaded by Dr Ulyana Horodyskyj, an Astronaut Candidate in the PoSSUM program and former Mission Commander of the NASA HERA XIII  mission.  Mr  Pothier will be part of this expedition and will develop the project in Collaboration with Madame  De Paulis, Mr Nutbean and  360 VR studio Herve.

Moon Bounce:

Technique developed by  Daniela De paulis to send images to the moon and back through radio waves.

The work will consist of a Live audio-visual feed from the Mars Curiosity test site with a satellite terminal,  including Landscape photographs that will be sent thereafter to the Moon and Back from a Radiotelescope.

The original Image and the one sent by a satellite phone then to the moon, showing technological alterations will be exhibited together with sand samples from the site and 360° photographs.

Through the use of multiple transmission processes and ways of being displayed, the installation will challenge the public perception of space, technology and distance.


The installation will consist of a projected video (Or photographic prints) of an original Landscape photograph taken at Mars Curiosity Rover test site in the Atacama desert in Chile, and a copy of this image that will be send with a satellite phone from Atacama Desert to plymouth, then through the internet to the Netherlands, where it will be sent to the moon and back from Dwingeloo radio telescope before being exhibited.  Samples of Atacama desert sands will be exhibited near the projection in a display case, and a VR video or set of 360 degree photographs of the Landscape will be available for the public at the same location.


Benjamin Pothier is a Film Director and a PhD Student in Arts/Anthropology/Architecture at the Planetary Collegium, CAIIA hub of Plymouth University (UK) Achievements:

  • Crew Member NGOZUMPA2016 expedition up to 5500 meters on an unexplored Glacier in the Himalayaswith Glaciologist and Astronaut Candidate Dr Ulyana Horodyskyj
  • Technical advisor and base Camp Crew member for BENDING HORIZONS EVEREST 2015 Art/Science Expedition (2015)
  • First French Artist selected for the ARS BIO ARCTICA 2014 residency at Kilpisjärvi’s Biological Station in Lapland
  • First French Artist invited by THE FARM,INC. a New York based cultural organisation, for the ARCTIC CIRCLE RESIDENCY 2013, in the international territory of Svalbard.

Daniela de Paulis is an interdisciplinary artist based in The Netherlands. She exhibits internationally, often collaborating with other artists, scientists and radio amateurs. She holds a BA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy, and a Master Degree in Media Arts from Plymouth University, UK. Since October 2009 she is the first artist in residence at the Dwingeloo radio telescope

HERVE is french based Communication agency specialized in Virtual Reality projects. Its aim is to promote VR 360 production, arts and design using


Balance-Unbalance 2017

Balance-Unbalance (BunB)
is an International Conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between NATURE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY as we move into an era of both unprecedented ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities.

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