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Michaela French (Royal College of Art, UK)

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RCA Fulldome Research Group – Film Information

Title Author Duration Audio Date Synopsis
Anthozoa Kim Yip Tong and Sylvana Lautier 02:09 5.1 Stems 2017 ánthos, flower – zóa, animals

Coral reefs are the rainforest of the ocean. Providing food and shelter to millions of species, they bloom under the surface. Put under stress by rising temperatures, overfishing and pollution, corals expel the algae living in their tissue and reveal their ghost-like skeleton. Bleaching isn’t always fatal and resilient reefs can recover. Accompanied by hydrophone recordings of submarine city sounds, Anthozoa is an ode to the ocean and its awe- inspiring biodiversity.

Apeiron Kelly Spanou 02:49 Stereo 2015 The projection is a sequence of repetitive symmetrical patterns in motion and rotation where the spectator experiences the travelling in an infinite, echoing landscape. The rhythmic repetition of those expanding and shrinking patterns challenges the viewer’s perception and lead him to an eternal universe with no beginning and end. The patterns projected in the dome have in common that they all orbit a hole at their centre. These holes are those that give form to the shapes and create the illusion of motion. They create indefinite boundaries and arise the question of what is finally a boundary and more specifically if an indefinite boundary can be considered as a boundary. This spatial and temporal environment produces questions of when, where, how long and how far.
Artificial Day Rhythm Daria Jelonek 02:54 Stereo 2016 Artificial Day Rhythm is a short film which interprets the light of one day. Natural and artificial lights like the sun, smartphones, lamps and traffic lights etc. influence humans’ natural rhythms. Created in a 3D space, this short film reflects those different light situations on a reflective particle in order to visualise the influence of different light situations on humans’ rhythm.
Cycles Juliette Poggi 02:47 5.1 Stems 2017 The woman’s body is in constant mutation. Through this short movie this mutability is represented. Travelling in an unknown space the female form is revealed: imposing yet mysteriously intangible.
Disorder Perry Sugden 02:00 Stereo 2016 Disorder is a clip that explores a ‘4×4’ grid of objects controlled by patterns and routes they take through space and time.The clip involves a visual journey. Through gaining an inside/up close view of objects, individual parts, exploring vast space and noise.
FDRG Showreel 2015 RCA Fulldome Research Group 04:49 5.1 Stems 2016 A compile of recent fulldome films from the FDRG members. The soundtrack features the track ‘Beneteau’ by Deepchord, courtesy of Soma Records, with additional sound design and final mix by Mike Wyeld.
FDRG Showreel 2016 RCA Fulldome Research Group 03:29 5.1 Stems 2017 A compile of recent fulldome films from the FDRG members.The soundtrack features music by Martin Rose and surround sound mix by Mike Wyeld.
Hyperspace 2 Robert Walker 02:37 Stereo 2016 A point cloud visualisation of IPv4 space.
Lucent Matter Rose Leahy,

Kim Yip Tong,

Sylvana Lautier

04:36 5.1 Stems 2016 Capturing the feeling of wonder and awe that science theory and the night sky can inspire, Lucent Matter follows the life cycle of a star. The film is composed of animated footage of ink, water and material experimentations in order to visualise the intangible and unreachable nature of the Universe through light, matter and colour. Creating an emotional response in the viewer, this sensitive and aesthetic approach seeks to challenge classic digital planetarium visualisations of space imagery.


RhyThm Walk Anna Dakin 04:27 Stereo 2016 All those question are a human matter but some of them are so “solid” and “primitive”, that we do not meet the answers but ourselves; we are the answers.That means that some of the questions towards the universe and its creation have as target our own deep thought, our existence, our experience and its structure.
Sonar Kelly Spanou 03:13 5.1 Stems 2016 Pulses of sounds, dots and lines transform the spherical space of the dome into an amorphous landscape with undefined boundaries and endless depth. The end is a beginning…
The Light of Home Michaela French 03:44 5.1 Stems 2016 The Light of Home is a short film designed for fulldome immersive projection space. Light is both the subject and the medium of this film which explores the emotional connections between light, place and memory. The story is driven by a soundtrack constructed from interviews in which people recall their experiences of light in the place where they grew up.

This innovative fulldome film uses a data-set derived from observations of daylight as it’s visual foundation. The film was created using a range of digital imaging and editing techniques and features music by Richard Godbold and a 5.1 surround sound mix by Mike Wyeld. These elements combine to deliver evocative storytelling through an immersive audio visual experience.

Visions of Paradise Alice Kilkenny 03:09 Stereo 2016 Inspired by Dante’s Paradiso, this vision of a

‘technological sublime’ shows the type of transcendental, transformative experience that could be possible at the frontiers of science. It looks at how technologically mediated experiences have changed from being mechanical to more virtual and intangible. This shift of power from divine nature places the human at the threshold of a new technological reality and is explored through the interplay of iconography between body, technology and immortality.

  Running Time: 40:34


Keywords: fulldome, artistic research, immersive cinema, experience design

The RCA Fulldome Research Group investigates the creative, artistic and communicative possibilities of immersive fulldome projection spaces through practice-based research. FDRG is part of Information Experience Design in the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art, London and works in collaboration with the Peter Harrison Planetarium at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London.

This showcase of the Fulldome Research Group films is the result of three years creative research and collaboration between artists, designers, filmmakers, architects, astronomers, cosmologists and technicians with a passion for fulldome space.

The screening features works by Emily Briselden-Waters, Anna Dakin, Michaela French, Daria Jelonek, Alice Kilkenny, Sylvana Lautier, Rose Leahy, Juliette Poggi, Kelly Spanou, Perry-James Sugden, Robert Walker and Kim Yip Tong.

Balance-Unbalance 2017

Balance-Unbalance (BunB)
is an International Conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between NATURE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY as we move into an era of both unprecedented ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities.

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